Skateboard Lessons by Roland M
from Mcallen, Texas

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About me

My name is Roland I???m 31 years old I???ve been skating for roughly 20+ years. I was the manager of the SwitchFoot Skate shop and did lessons for them as well. I was also a sponsored skateboarder at the age of 15 for SwitchFoot. When I was 13 I was in a skateboarding crew called MAJER which eventually grew bigger as I got older later we started a YouTube channel where we gained over 500,000 followers. I teach beginners, intermediate and advanced skating all ages and gender.

What Will Students Get From a Course With You?

How to set up a skateboard How to do any flip they want How to learn to ride skateboard easily

What Types Of Tricks And Skating Can You Teach?

"Beginners: how to set up a skateboard, how to push and ride your skateboard, how to Ollie, shuv, and Manuel etc\\r\\nIntermediate: how to drop in, kick flips, heel flips, Ollie 180, pop shuv, how to board slide \\r\\nAdvanced: 360 flip, any switch flips, any inward flip, fakie flips, down stairs and rails, how to skate very (bowls) Any switch, nollie, and regular flips. \\r\\n \\r\\n I also teach any other kinds of tricks these are just the basics of skating that will lead to a other tricks.

What parks/areas are closest for you to give lessons?

Harlingen-Mission parks

My Details

Level of Experience
Level of Education
Some College
Years of Experience


United States

Roland Can Teach at These Skateparks

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The Details

No prior skate experience or training necessary
Learn street skating, longboarding, vert or everything
1-on-1 private lessons 7 days a week for all ages—you could be a young Shawn White fan or the middle-aged father of one interested in reliving your school/college days or learning an exciting new weekend, holiday, retirement or family hobby.
Customized learning plan—no set lessons structure, learn at your own pace

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