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from Boise, Idaho

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About me

I would be a great instructor because I have a high understanding of the board itself and how someone should ride it safely. I have been skating for 11 years now and have even been sponsored before. Now I own a skate brand and I would like to spread the love of skateboarding to whoever dreamed of riding. I'm a very patient and easy-going person. I will take my time with my clients and make sure they understand every aspect that I'm teaching them. Safety is the most important thing but we will also have tons of fun. That's what skateboarding is truly about.

What Will Students Get From a Course With You?

Understanding the components of a skateboard. Understanding the importance of safety gear. The ability to ride safely How to take apart and put together a skateboard Learn new tricks Knowledge of skating within their skill boundaries Have fun with sk

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High School Diploma
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United States

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The Details

No prior skate experience or training necessary
Learn street skating, longboarding, vert or everything
1-on-1 private lessons 7 days a week for all ages—you could be a young Shawn White fan or the middle-aged father of one interested in reliving your school/college days or learning an exciting new weekend, holiday, retirement or family hobby.
Customized learning plan—no set lessons structure, learn at your own pace

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