Skateboard Lessons by Hayden L
from Bend, Oregon

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Hayden would be an amazing instructor because he is very good at explaining how to skate in an easy and more importantly safe way. He has 3 years of experience as a skateboarder and loves to help the younger generation in learning this sport. Even as a kid, Hayden loved to skateboard. He is hardworking and takes teaching kids skateboarding very seriously. Not to mention, he always puts safety first and makes sure every environment for a skater is a good one. He knows how to ollie, turn, push, and all of the basics! He also knows some intermediate-level tricks such as the 180 (frontside&backside), pop shuvit, fs pop shuvit, fakie basics, heel flips, kickflips, and tre flips!

What Will Students Get From a Course With You?

They will learn all of the basics of skateboarding and most importantly a safe and fun way of doing so!

What Types Of Tricks And Skating Can You Teach?


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Some College
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United States

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The Details

No prior skate experience or training necessary
Learn street skating, longboarding, vert or everything
1-on-1 private lessons 7 days a week for all ages—you could be a young Shawn White fan or the middle-aged father of one interested in reliving your school/college days or learning an exciting new weekend, holiday, retirement or family hobby.
Customized learning plan—no set lessons structure, learn at your own pace

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